Village Code of Ordinances

The Village of Turtle Lake is in the process of updating its entire Code of Ordinances which requires adoption by the Village Board of Trustees. Certain sections of the Code have been updated since the last full re-codification in 1992. Please contact the Municipal Clerk to see if an ordinance is being or has been amended or changed. Citizens and the public at large may suggest modified and/or new legislation by contacting the Village at 715-986-2241.


Use of Force, Use of Less Lethal Weapons, Deadly Force, Mobile Audio/Video Recording Equipment

Village Code Online Village of Turtle Lake Code of Ordinances
Public Safety: Mobile Audio-Video Recording Equipment Mobile Audio-Video Recording Equipment Eff 11-17-2020
Public_Safety_Use_of_Less_Lethal_Weapons.pdf Public Safety: Use of Less Lethal Weapons
Public_Safety_Use_of_Force.pdf Public Safety: Use of Force
Public_Safety_Deadly_Force.pdf Public Safety: Use of Deadly Force