Cattail Trail

Trails and Rustic Road

The Cattail Trail
The Cattail Trail runs for about 18 miles along the abandoned railroad bed from Amery to Almena and crosses right through Turtle Lake.  A new restroom facility and paved parking and loading zone is located at the junction of the Cattail and Northern Railroad Trails.  Railway Park is just off the trail and to the west of the new facility.  A picnic shelter and tables are available for the public. 

Enjoy this charming park right in our downtown. You will be able to find dining and other recreational opportunities not too far from the trail; lunch and evening specials are served daily. The Trail is surrounded by trees of all kinds, hardwoods, softwoods, pines, fields, and beautiful wetlands full of color, fresh air, and wildlife.
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Northern Railroad Trail
The Northern Railroad Trail is now owned and managed by Barron County, accessed in Turtle Lake and runs for approximately 13 miles to Cumberland, allowing access to downtown Cumberland. 

The Northern Trail is open to snowmobiles and ATVs, as well as bicycles, horses and dogsleds; UTVs are under a pilot program in Barron - details are available on the Barron County Trail webpage. The Cattail Trail and Northern Railroad Trail are Multi-Use Trails and we ask everyone to practice caution while utilizing these resources.
Since Turtle Lake lies in two counties, information for trails are available through the Barron County Trail Coordinator - (715) 637-4275 and the Polk County Parks Department - 715-485-9294.  State Regulations and Guidelines are available through the WI DNR.
For more information, please visit the WDNR - All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) webpage.
Rustic Road 67
The Wisconsin Legislature established the Rustic Roads program in 1973 to help citizens and local units of government preserve what remains of Wisconsin's scenic, lightly traveled country roads.  Unique brown and yellow signs mark the routes of all officially-designated Rustic Roads. These routes provide bikers, hikers, and motorists an opportunity to leisurely travel through some of Wisconsin's scenic countryside.
Rustic Road 67 winds through Turtle Lake to the north. It is located in both Barron and Polk Counties, portions of Pine Road, 13 3/4 Avenue, West County Line Road and 16th Avenue, which form a loop from US 8 to US 63.
This paved Rustic Road travels for 4.6 miles and winds through woods and wetlands, along fields and forests, and around the edge of Skinaway Lake. Wildlife and wildflowers abound. This route provides a quiet, natural, picturesque adventure through the northwestern Wisconsin countryside. For maps and photos within this site click Rustic Road 67.
For more information on Rustic Roads, visit Rustic Roads - Wisconsin DOT