Welcome to Turtle Lake

A Place to Call Home

Turtle Lake is home to approximately 1,150 Village residents. The Village resides in both Barron and Polk Counties; however, the majority of the Village lies in Barron County.  Many rural residents, extending 5 miles outside of the Village, have Turtle Lake as their mailing address and are part of the Turtle Lake school district despite living in one of the adjacent towns (Turtle Lake, Beaver, or Almena).

The Village offers several amenities to serve local residents including a school,  post office, bank, two medical clinics, optometrist, dentist, chiropractor, beauty salons, barber shop, veterinarian clinic, insurance agency, accountant, pharmacy, hardware store, antique shop, Village Hall and the public library; along with several other commercial businesses all within walking distance along our safe, quiet streets.

Two major highways, US Highway 8 and Highway 63, intersect in Turtle Lake and have spurred much commercial growth throughout the years. Residents and visitors can find many other services along the highways to meet just about any need. Car dealerships, auto repairs, auto service stations, grocery store, restaurants, hotels, fine gift shops, antique shop, discount stores, real estate agency, phone company, a John Deere dealership and various other commercial outfits.

Relaxation and entertainment is a highly valued commodity in today's world and Turtle Lake is full of possibilities. If you are an outdoor recreation buff, you will not have to stray far. In these great outdoors, recreation is endless...from protected lands, open lakes and streams, thick woodlands, open fields, vast wetlands...we have It all!

If you like museums, galleries and specialty shops, you won't have to look far either. If you enjoy dining, theater, cinemas and live performances, the area is full of options. And if you're looking for a night out to relax, socialize, or even test your luck, Turtle Lake is a place where you will find yourself in the midst of it all.  For more information on activities in and around Turtle Lake, visit our Visitor Info section. There you will find a long list of fun outings to choose from.

Residential areas are quiet and plentiful of neighborly folks. It isn't unusual to find yourself chatting with the person next door. Flower beds, gardens and other landscaping projects may keep you busy as you compete in our Yard of the Month program, May through September.

Highway traffic, city streets, and residential neighborhoods are closely monitored by our local Police Department to ensure a safe and happy small town environment. Public safety is a top priority and Turtle Lake is equipped with response teams for any emergency.

Many residents have been born and raised in this area and continue to live here today. Some come back after a successful career elsewhere to enjoy their retirement. Others who have started out here, have continued their education at major universities and have come back with their degree and new profession to begin a family  A close-knit community and high education standards help to build a vital foundation for today's youth. 

Turtle Lake is diverse in its scenery, business and people. You will find many reasons why our residents are eager to call Turtle Lake home!