Tax Information

Taxes are calculated by dividing the budget of the taxing district by the assessed value of a jurisdiction, real estate and personal property, which produce a value called a mill rate.  The mill rate is then multiplied by 1,000 per valuation.  A mill rate of $10.00 for a $100,000 home equates to a tax bill of $1,000.  Each taxing jurisdiction adopts a budget prior to generation of the tax roll.  The Budget Hearing for the Village of Turtle Lake is typically held in November each year.
Assessed Value is determined by the Assessor of the municipality based upon the status of the property as of January 1 of each year.  Board of Review is held each spring and is noticed in the official publication of the municipality, which is The Times for the Village of Turtle Lake.  Property owners may contact the Assessor at any time and in advance of Open Book and Board of Review.  For more information regarding Open Book and Board of Review, see Assessment & Board of Review from the website menu.
Tax Rolls for the Village of Turtle Lake [Barron and Polk Counties] for Real Estate and Personal Property can be accessed through each respective county.  If you have further questions regarding Tax Information or property within the Village of Turtle Lake, please contact the Municipal Treasurer at 715-986-2241, Ext. 2.